Monday, November 30, 2009

And just like that, the sharing begins.....................

How do you start a blog
when within a year and a half
you've won a reality show,
gotten pregnant,
your son was born with a rare malformation,
and he's already died and been brought to life on you once?

Hi, my name is Jennifer Bertrand. 

Get excited because this blog will be a work in process but it will share our highs and lows and it will be used to inspire others.  Whether you're a parent of a special needs kid (SNK), a relative of a SNK, someone who just likes to laugh and read a funny story now and again, or you just plain liked the show I was on.

Life's too short to be boring so I will use this blog to show you that when life hands you a pile of pooh, you can still have a brilliant time!!!!  Stay tuned.