Monday, November 30, 2009

And just like that, the sharing begins.....................

How do you start a blog
when within a year and a half
you've won a reality show,
gotten pregnant,
your son was born with a rare malformation,
and he's already died and been brought to life on you once?

Hi, my name is Jennifer Bertrand. 

Get excited because this blog will be a work in process but it will share our highs and lows and it will be used to inspire others.  Whether you're a parent of a special needs kid (SNK), a relative of a SNK, someone who just likes to laugh and read a funny story now and again, or you just plain liked the show I was on.

Life's too short to be boring so I will use this blog to show you that when life hands you a pile of pooh, you can still have a brilliant time!!!!  Stay tuned.


Bets said...

Congrats on starting the blog! It will be very therapeutic for you! I'll add you to my blog roll now & that might send some traffic your way. Can't wait to read :)

Jenean said...

Hi Jen! I'm so happy you've started a blog! I'll add you to my links. Looking forward to reading more from you!

eformanator said...

Happy New Year to the sweetest family anyone would want to know. God bless you

just jamie said...

So happy to see you've opened up a new forum. Sending love and light your way!

tomahalk said...

Hi Jen, Loved your show on HGTV. The best thing about the show is your hosting ability - very warm and down to earth. It seems very coincidental that you'd get a TV show and have a child with special needs at the same time. Maybe it's your calling to use your new found fame to do programs on special needs children. You really are amazing.


Patio and Home Improvement Design said...

The Bertrand Family,
You have been a great inspiration to me with everything you are doing. Jennifer, you're an incredible talent and your blog just raised the level of love and inspiration throughout. I hope more people are inspired by what you do.


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